The Future is in Your Hands

The U.S. Constitution requires that everyone in the country be counted once every ten years, regardless of citizenship.  This headcount is known as the Decennial Census. It is time one again to be counted.  The 2020 Census is easy, safe, and important.

Why it Matters

Census data is used to determine how and where more than $675 billion in federal funds are spent as well as how many congresspeople represent each state.
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Ways to Respond

(1) Online, (2) by phone, or (3) by mail. If you don't respond by May, the Census Bureau will come to your door.
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Who to Count

Count EVERYONE living in the house as of April 1, 2020.
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How You're Protected

The Census Bureau encrypts and secures your data. Plus, it's illegal for them to share your personally identifiable information with anyone.
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2020 Census Timeline Adjustments Due to COVID-19

Complete the Census Online

To help our community complete the 2020 Census online, Digital Literacy has partnered with local libraries and OACES. Our volunteers will be available to explain how to complete the form and answers questions.

Woman completing the 2020 Census online.

Digital Literacy, a program of Literacy Rochester, helps adults become fully engaged in their community as citizens, parents, consumers, and workers. The Digital Literacy program is provided free of charge on a one-to-one, drop-in basis in partnership with OACES at a variety of locations in and around Rochester.

Get involved: Drop in.  Donate.  Volunteer.

Please note: Digital Literacy  volunteers are not Census Bureau employees. Your response is only protected by the Census Bureau once it is received by the Census Bureau. Therefore, although our volunteers sign confidentiality agreements, your answers to the Census are not protected by law with them.

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