You’ve accomplished some of your literacy goals, and now it’s up to you what to do next! Continue working with your tutor, enroll in another educational program, or volunteer to become a tutor yourself.  

Read true student stories

Luz Ville is a 24-year-old who came to Rochester two and a half years ago from Colombia. Luz is attending English classes after her sister attended ten years ago. Luz began classes this past November and is enjoying it greatly.

Luz was ecstatic to improve her English and gain more confidence in herself. Her vocabulary has expanded, and her husband has noticed a substantial amount of progression in Luz’s English language abilities. She wants to go to MCC for Phlebotomy and work in the hospital.

Johnny is a gentleman in his mid-fifties who found learning to read difficult, especially in high school. He received learning support while in school but found life after graduation was filled with challenges in reading and math. With some learning support through a local Education Center, he got by the best he could. He came to Literacy Rochester in 2009 looking for someone to help him to improve his reading.

He was matched with John and the two started meeting weekly at the Maplewood Library. Their sessions focus on word meanings and reading for understanding. They also attempt math problems which are still a challenge for Johnny. Johnny has maintained full time employment for over two years at a job he enjoys.

Although he has had his ups and downs through the years with work and life changes, Johnny has been consistent in meeting with his tutor John each week. Their time together has evolved into a friendship and Johnny refers to John and John’s wife as his “second parents”.

Gayane moved to the United States from South Sudan. She studied with her tutor for three years. In 2021, she and her husband traveled to Buffalo, where they passed their US Citizenship test.