Navigator Training

Digital Literacy volunteer navigators work in community settings to teach program participants basic computer skills and to assist in completing computer-essential tasks.

The Orientation/Training consists of a 2-hour session at LVR, and a 1/2-hour onsite orientation that will completely familiarize you with why we created the program, who it serves, what you do as a volunteer, and what the program’s impact is. Also, Digital Literacy conducts 3-4 in-service trainings for volunteer navigators annually.

Special Projects volunteers attend the session at LVR only.

  • Requirements: 1) three years of experience with a PC, 2) ability to work at community sites with diverse people, 3) knowledge of Google and its apps, 4) patience and flexibility
  • Location: LVR office, 1600 South Avenue, Suite 100, Rochester 14620
  • Time: 5:30 pm
  • Orientation Schedule:
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Can’t attend an evening training? Contact Brian Kane