Please rank your skill in the below topics using the following: 1 = Unfamiliar 2 = Some Knowledge 3 = Working Knowledge & Board Resource 4 = Experience & Board Resource 5 = Expert & Primary Board Resource
Knowledge of general management practices and challenges unique to the nonprofit sector. Experience with planning, coordinating, and executing activities related to the success of an organization.
Knowledge of the roles and responsibilities of the Board of Directors.
Knowledge of early-stage organization and startup organization challenges and solutions.
Knowledgeable in developing and analyzing budgets.
Knowledge of endowments and investment principles.
Experience in event planning and oversight, including collaboration with vendors.
Experience and comfort with professional networking for a cause and making specific asks.
Knowledge of fundraising principles and best practices.
Knowledge of compliance and oversight.
Knowledge of HR concepts and best practices; experience with personnel issues.
Knowledge of legal principles and laws relating to nonprofits.
Experience in relating an organization's services and mission to the public or targeted audience.
Knowledge of Literacy Rochester's mission, history, and ways in which the organization is having an impact on the community through services and outreach.
Knowledge of social media platforms and driving engagement on posts.
Experience in grant writing and proposals.
Experience with short term and long-term planning to achieve specific goals.
Experience with information technology.