Trained tutors provide instruction for adults, 18 and up, seeking assistance with reading and math (below 9th grade reading level) or English as a Second Language. Through individualized plans students and tutors meet in public places in Monroe County to work to achieve success at a speed that works for the student. Pre-registration is required before a student is match with a tutor.


Provides small groups of parents or caregivers and their children, ages 3-11, with the tools to promote and support basic literacy. These training sessions are sponsored by Greece Community Education and offered three times per year by LVR staff and volunteers.


Classes with 5 to 10 students reinforce basic math and reading skills for students seeking access to basic literacy, high school equivalency, or vocational training programs. Classes are held at the Literacy Rochester office and at other community sites in Monroe County. Pre-registration is required before a student can sign up for a small group class.


Weekly gathering of 5 to 10 students and two tutors to practice their English-speaking skills. These groups provide an opportunity for English as a Second Language students to improve their speaking confidence and meet other adults who are learning English. Topics of conversation include American culture, idioms, daily life situations, and casual spoken English. All adults looking to practice their English-speaking skills are welcome, registration is not required.

2022-2023 Program Year Highlights

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