Fair Housing

Learn about what your Fair Housing Rights are under federal law with LawNY. You will learn such things as: Tenants Rights, Home-buyers Rights, what Fair Housing Discrimination looks like and where to find help, and more.

Housing Resources
Housing Q&A

Identity Theft & Protection

M&T helps you learn how to protect your personal and banking information in the 21st century.
ID Theft Brochure
Protection Tips

COVID-19 & Vaccine Information

Deputy Commissioner Dr. Vélez de Brown from the Monroe County Department of Public Health to discuss COVID-19 and learn about the vaccines.
Health Screening
Vaccine Assistance

Earned Income Tax Credits (EITC) & Free Tax Return Preparation

A program of Empire Justice Center, the Creating Assets, Savings, and Hope (CASH) is a long-standing staple in the Rochester community. The CASH program offers free tax return preparation services to ensure low to moderate income workers collect all credits for which they are eligible.

LawNY Information Session

Legal Assistance of Western New York, Inc.®  (LawNY®) provides free legal aid to people with civil legal problems. If you are having a legal problem with a person or agency, and it is not a criminal matter, LawNY® may be able to give you help or advice.

Safety Belts and Car Seats

Learn how to ride safely in a vehicle by emphasizing the importance of wearing a seat belt, and riding in the back seat for children under 12. Air bags are discussed and posters are used to show how to wear a seat belt properly.


Car Seat Safety

Pedestrian and Bicycle Safety

This presentation is to teach people how to be safe when walking and bicycling. The topic includes the concept of Stop, Look, and Listen and reviews the rules of pedestrian safety.


Walking Tips for Kids
Walking Tips for Tweens
Walking Tips for Parents
Bike Laws and Tips

Is Sugar Good or Bad

Iluminada Vilca from Cornell Cooperative Extension – Monroe County, will be discussing how sugar effects the body.


Make Better Beverage Choices
Flavored Water for Groups
Cut Down on Added Sugar

My Plate

My Plate is the new USDA food guide tool to help people make wise food choices within food and calorie limits. Watch this video to see how to use simple tools like plates, cups and bowls to help you see how healthy food portions look, and to know what kinds of foods to eat.

Veggies            Fruit
Grains              Dairy

Food on a Budget

Learn to fill your grocery cart and dinner table with healthy and inexpensive foods. This workshop will help you learn to make a healthy food budget that works for you and your family.

Weekly Calendar
Eating Better on a Budget
Creating a Grocery Game Plan

Building a Solid Financial Future

One of the most basic mistakes that people of all ages make is not properly planning for their future financially. How to Build a Solid Financial Future workshop will guide you through different steps you can take to properly plan for your financial future.

Managing Expenses During Covid-19

The Covid-19 pandemic has left many individuals in a financial hardship. This workshop will teach you, different ways to manage your expenses, to keep you financial stable during this time.