My Plate

My Plate is the new USDA food guide tool to help people make wise food choices within food and calorie limits. Watch this video to see how to use simple tools like plates, cups and bowls to help you see how healthy food portions look, and to know what kinds of foods to eat.

Veggies            Fruit
Grains              Dairy

Food on a Budget

Learn to fill your grocery cart and dinner table with healthy and inexpensive foods. This workshop will help you learn to make a healthy food budget that works for you and your family.

Weekly Calendar
Eating Better on a Budget
Creating a Grocery Game Plan

Building a Solid Financial Future

One of the most basic mistakes that people of all ages make is not properly planning for their future financially. How to Build a Solid Financial Future workshop will guide you through different steps you can take to properly plan for your financial future.

Managing Expenses During Covid-19

The Covid-19 pandemic has left many individuals in a financial hardship. This workshop will teach you, different ways to manage your expenses, to keep you financial stable during this time.