Student Spotlight: Abdoulaye Cisse

OACES student Abdoulaye Cisse

Abdoulaye Cisse is an enthusiastic English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) student at OACES who dreams of getting a computer science degree. He came to the United States from Ivory Coast, settling in Rochester after spending three weeks in New York City.

Cisse heard about the program from his father whose friend was an ESOL student. Just days after arriving in Rochester, Cisse enrolled. “Before OACES I didn’t speak English very well,” he says. “My reading and my writing were very bad. But, now my English is very good.” 

He credits the ESOL program with giving him the tools to engage in an English-speaking society as well as help friends and family. “I can go somewhere to buy anything by myself.  Sometimes I help with people…I can translate for friends.”

Cisse smiles when asked of what he is most proud. “I’m proud of me,” he declares. “I’m proud of my speaking. I’m very proud of my writing too.”

A healthy sense of accomplishment contributes to positive feelings about his future. “I feel very confident and comfortable about my future because I…have some good skills. OACES help me to reach my goals. [Next,] I want to go to college. I want to get my diploma.”

Cisse is well on his way to achieving his goals and we are here to help. Digital Literacy volunteers assist OACES students like Cisse with many computer-related tasks. In Cisse’s case, that may include researching post-secondary educational institutions and filling out applications. For others, it may be writing a resume or creating online accounts. Our goal is to ensure that adults in Monroe County, including OACES students, have the digital skills they need to become fully engaged in their community.   

Digital Literacy, a program of Literacy Rochester, helps adults become fully engaged in their community as citizens, parents, consumers, and workers. The Digital Literacy program is provided free of charge on a one-to-one, drop-in basis in partnership with OACES at a variety of locations in and around Rochester.

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