Student Spotlight: Audrey Miller

Audrey Miller is 65 and came to the U.S. from Jamaica. After having friends and acquaintances attend OACES, Audrey soon became intrigued. She does not have her U.S. high school diploma (High School Equivalency- HSE) and that has always been a goal of hers. Audrey has been attending OACES for a little over a year and right now her favorite classes are Science, Reading, and Social Studies.

Before attending OACES, Audrey was not concerned. She knew a few people who attended, and they gave very good reviews. OACES is a school known for their teachers, staff, and classmates helping everyone out and being friendly to ensure everyone’s success. Audrey had confidence in OACES and herself.

With the help of her teacher Mr. Decker and the Digital Literacy volunteers, Audrey has gained many new digital skills. Since coming to OACES, she has learned how to navigate the Internet and how to better type on a keyboard. In addition, she has also made the most progress in Social Studies.

Audrey has always loved learning. At OACES, she is learning every day and loves attending class. She says, “coming to learn again feels like something new.” Most valuable aspect of OACES is that Audrey is constantly learning more. From this experience, she has learned that she is much more capable than she thought. Audrey is moving up and constantly improving. She gets up every morning for school, working towards achieving her goal of receiving an HSE.  The personality traits Audrey has that has made her successful, is that she is dedicated, keeps trying/never gives up. She is most inspired by people doing different things and trying to improve who they are, no matter how little or how big.

Audrey has big plans to graduate in Fall 2021 or Spring 2022. She plans to go to college and gain more computer skills because she feels as if she is a little behind in technology but can easily improve more as she already has. Audrey is very excited to move up in life, travel, to try new stuff, and not give up because she is never too old to learn.

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