Student Spotlight: Nabila Qadiri Kohistani

Nabila Qadiri Kohistani

Nabila Qadiri Kohistani, an Afghanistan native, has been in Rochester since early April of 2019 and is studying English while working on digital literacy at OACES.  She participated on a student panel on June 20 as part of a World Refugee Day Celebration.

She was also selected to receive a laptop in a giveaway that was co-sponsored by the Office of Adult & Career Education Services (OACES) and Digital Literacy as a way to commemorate local refugees’ perseverance and growth as well as foster self-reliance by removing barriers to success through digital literacy.

When asked “What does digital literacy mean to you?” Kohistani responded, “For me, digital literacy is the most important and sustainable key for success, as digital literacy is the most valuable tool for lifelong learning nowadays. The young generation is interested in using mobile and computer and digital literacy is the best way to provide the opportunities for lifetime learning.”

Although digital literacy is a new concept to her, she is picking it up quickly, learning new technologies and skills to “improve my communication and networking skills and also get proper knowledge of job market in Rochester.”

Kohistani hopes to take what she’s learned about digital literacy at OACES back to Afghanistan in order to help young girls cultivate their skills and become more digitally literate.

In the meantime, she plans to use the laptop to continue her studies and improve her English, writing, and listening skills so that she is prepared for the job market in Rochester.

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