Volunteer Spotlight: Megan McCormick

Megan has been a Digital Literacy volunteer since Oct.2020. She decided it would be a great way to continue to teach others. She has been teaching, in one way or another, since the age of 13, when she became a swim instructor. She has most recently spent 10 years as a software (SaaS) trainer and education consultant for a national company servicing K-12 schools. Prior to that she was a Director of Special Education and a Special Education Teacher.
She has long wanted to volunteer with Digital Literacy, but due to travel for her job, was never able to. While COVID has brought much sadness and heartache for many, it has allowed Megan to begin volunteering. She has been volunteering with us at the Lincoln Library in the city of Rochester. Although it is currently closed, she cannot wait to get back out there again. She loves helping people achieve their outcome and 
learn new digital literacy skills. One of her favorite things she has done so far was help someone apply for their federal assistance from the CARES Act.
In her spare time, Megan likes to like to read and bake. One of her inspirations in life is Anne Sullivan. Anne Sullivan was a teacher who was 
best known for being the instructor and lifelong companion to Helen Keller, who was born deaf and blind. Anne never gave up trying to teach Helen how to communicate with others. Anne tried many different techniques until Helen learned.

“If one way doesn’t work,
try another until you are successful”

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