The Judy Dauphinee Volunteer of the Year Award is presented at our Annual Awards and Recognition event to a LVR volunteer who exemplifies selflessness, team spirit, positive attitude, dependability, follow-through, and a willingness to go-beyond the job description. These characteristics were typical of Judy, a valued volunteer who passed away in 1991.

This year, the Annual Awards & Recognition event will be held on Thursday, June 14 at 6:00 pm.

Former winners are: Virginia Buechel (1993), George-Ann Schauffele & Dorothy Holmes (1994), Michelle Bruzee (1995), Grace Weinstein (1996), Roger & Carolyn Selsam (1997), Paul Crough (1998), Virginia Allen (1999), the alternative workshop team of Michelle Bruzee, Dorothy Holmes and Anne LeBlanc (2000), Marcia Johnson (2001), Cynthia Goldstein (2002), Dick Wiener and Maree Klingensmith (2003), Jane Doyle (2004), Barbara Hussar (2005), Susan Kunz (2006), Bonnie Martin (2007), Barbara Clements (2008), Karen Barbato (2009), Sue Habbersett (2010), Cathy Pospula (2011), David Heinsler (2012), Chuck Lundeen (2013), Jake Pietruszewski (2014), Frank Owens (2015), Dave Pecora (2016) and Susan Herzberg (2017).

To nominate someone for this award, please complete the form below. Describe which qualities your nominee best exemplifies and why? Fill in the sections on the form which best apply to your nominee. Forms are due on Wednesday, May 2, 2018. Nominations will be presented to the LVR Board in May.

You may:

  • Nominate yourself.
  • Choose to make your nomination anonymous when it is publicized. You will be asked to identify yourself on the form so we can follow up with you.

You may not:

  • Nominate a current member of the Board of Directors.