Digital Literacy

We’re creating digital citizens! While the Finger Lakes region is an internationally recognized center for optics and technology, there is a huge gap that threatens to permanently disenfranchise wide segments of our community.

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19.4% of Rochester households do not have computers. In Greece, it’s nearly 11%. And, that’s just part of the problem. 60% of those who begin online job applications can’t complete them. Lack of computers in homes or easy access to the internet has serious economic and social consequences for our community. Computer skills become much harder to acquire, and access to invaluable information, good and services is severely constricted.

Without a computer, computer skills and internet access, it is impossible, or nearly so, to:

  • create a resume
  • write a cover letter
  • set up an email account
  • find a job
  • find a doctor
  • get a driver’s license
  • apply for Fafsa and other student loans
  • get into college
  • find a bus route
  • find “how-to” videos to maintain your apartment or home
  • find a “how-to” video to fix your car
  • find a mechanic
  • get a passport
  • find a decent restaurant
  • connect to friends and family via social media
  • make travel plans or buy an airplane ticket
  • find out when the library opens
  • find a phone number
  • The list goes on.


Digital Literacy has nearly 50 volunteer navigators working in 8 community sites who provide free on-site, drop-in service to participants from across the region who require assistance with technology. Our navigators are nimble, adjusting quickly to the needs of individual participants no matter what that might require. Navigators assist participants with a range of needs, from learning a new computer skill to completing an important computer-related task. They also distribute free flash drives to customers who need them to retain key documents.

Navigators are located at 5 city libraries (Arnett, Lincoln, Lyell, Phillis Wheatley and Sully), Greece Community Education, Veterans Outreach Center and LVR’s main office. Hours and locations


  • Our participants come from 34 zipcodes in the Monroe County area
  • Over 71% of our participants live in 14621, 14611, 14619, 14605 and 14608
  • Nearly 53% of our participants live in high poverty neighborhoods


  • 95% of our participants learn new computer skills, complete essential tasks, or become more marketable for employment
  • 90% of our participants resolve their immediate computer needs
  • Check out the latest report on our success
  • Our 1,263 participants …
    • Acquired new technology-related skills
    • Learned how to access key resources and information
    • Received one-to-one workforce preparation assistance
    • Resolved their technology-related issues
  • Over 630 free flash drives made our participants more digital and mobile
  • An estimated 600 job applications were completed with participants
  • Navigators contributed the in-kind equivalent of $113,288 dollars in volunteer time


  • Get your questions answered with Digital Literacy FAQs
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  • All you need is:
    • 3 years experience on a PC
    • Knowledge of Google and its apps
    • An ability to work at community sites with diverse particioants
    • Patience and flexibility
  • For more information, email Brian Kane, Digital Literacy Coordinator



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