From the Desk of….. Jennifer Eaton

My working career began in early childhood education then I moved into Business account management in a telecommunication company.  In 2006 I began Graduate school full time so that I could make another career change to Adult Education.  I came to Literacy Rochester in May of 2007 as a volunteer, to complete an internship to finish my MA in Adult Education.  I took the tutor training and worked in the office a few days a week while I worked on creating a math class for LR to complete my Thesis and Internship requirements.  I was hired as the Program Coordinator for LR in August of 2007 and finished my MA in Adult Education in May of 2008.
 When I began, we offered one-to-one tutoring for English Language and Reading.  Over the past 13 years we have added small group classes in Math and Reading, Conversation Classes, Family Literacy programs, and computer instruction.  My jobs duties and our Instructional department changed and adjusted regularly to meet the needs of the adult education community that we serve.  As of January of 2020, we were offering Math, Reading and Conversation classes at various community sites as well as at the LR offices.  
We also, continue to offer One-to-one instruction utilizing our dedicated volunteers, which was the purpose of Literacy Rochester when we began in 1964.  I became the Instructional Director of LR in March of 2019, and continue to work with the Digital, Administrative, and Instructional Staff to help us grow and meet the changing needs of the people that we serve. 
My husband Dave and I live half of the year in our home in North Chili and the other half at our camp in Phelps, NY.  Like most people our spring and summer is filled with many projects.  Our latest camp project has been a new deck and a completed outdoor kitchen with cooking and eating space, included a new outdoor sink!  Our 3-year-old Pekingese-Poodle, Harley also enjoys his springs and summers at camp where he can be outdoors, take long walks, and ride in our golf cart.   I have been a volunteer and board member of the Friends of the Gates Public Library for many years, including being active in the book sales and a golf tournament.  
Dave and I enjoy traveling, In February we took my parents on a 12-day vacation traveling through Arizona and New Mexico.  We flew into Phoenix and flew out of Albuquerque driving 1200 miles as we visited Phoenix, Sedona, the Grand Canyon, The Petrified Forest, Monument Valley, and spent a few days in Albuquerque.  We had a wonderful trip and enjoyed beautiful scenery.  Our goal is to visit each state in the US with Maine hopefully as our next one. 

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