Individual donors who give $250 or more become members of the LitVol Leadership Society. The name originates from LVR’s early days, when founding volunteers called themselves the “litvols”.

Become a member of the LitVol Leadership Society

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Members (2016-17)

Anonymous (6)
David Adams
Eileen P. Alexandre
Robert and Sara Ashcraft
Richard Barrington
Lois Benedict
Brian and Nancy Bennett
Cheryl Bodensteiner
Susan and Patrick Brayer
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph C. Briggs
Anita F. Brown
Frances E. Cafarell
Richard and Carrie Cardot
Jeremiah J. Casey
Kevin and Alicia Conheady
Stephen Deal
Samuel DeFabbia-Kane
Robb Delisanti
Alex Devens
Allison and Richard DiMarco
Chris and Nicole Dobson
Dr. Eric M. Dreyfuss
Kim Emilo
Charles and Naomi Erdmann
Catherine and Elmar Frangenberg
William Frankenstein
Marion French
Laura Garrison
Grant and Bette Gillette
Peter Giopulos, Ph.D.
Jacki and Michael Hagelberg
Will and Melissa Head
Miranda Heyward
The Hutchins Family Foundation, Inc.
Brian Jacek
Chris Johnston
Nora A. Jones
Peter Kaplan and Eleanor Chin
Diane Kassmann

Rose-Marie B. Klipstein
Melissa and Steven Kubiak
Kathy and Keith Kurz
Joseph and Mary Louise Lapczenski
Deborah Leary
Shirley London
Deborah Lyon
Robert and Jane Mahar
Michael Mancenido
Mary M. Marone
Bonnie Martin
Steve Martin and Family
Raymond A. and Jeanne-Marie Martino
Elizabeth J. McDonald, Esq.
Bruce and Eleanor McLear
Mr. and Mrs. Glenn T. Miller, Jr.
Linda Mitrano
Richard Nangreave and Olga Mendez
William J. O’Connor, Jr.
Katharine Parsons
David Pecora
Cathy and Richard Pospula
Thomas and Donna Proietti
Diane Rambo
Laura Rivers
Susan M. Rogers
John Roman, Jr.
Margaret Sánchez
Alvin Scott
Brenda J. Smith
Richard and Judith Steinheider
Ann Stevens and William Shattuck
David and Maura Sykes Family Fund
Peg and Ray Warrick
Andrew A. Washburn
Mr. and Mrs. James P. Willer
John Williams and Chuck Lundeen
Sue Ellen Windsor
Eileen and David Woods