Program Updates

Our Digital Literacy program in the last 7 years, has been very active in the community helping people complete immediate digital needs.  In March we had to stop in person services in Monroe County Libraries and at OACES (Office of Adult Continuing Education Services) locations.  In response, we created Live Chat, for our Digital Literacy volunteers to continue to help people with immediate digital needs through our website,  In October, we were able to put digital literacy volunteers back in 3 Rochester city libraries and plan to be back in two OACES locations by December.  Another new digital offering is resume and interview classes, at Literacy Rochester.  These classes are open to anyone in the community, they are offered every other Thursday
Our Instructional programs have also been greatly altered since spring.  Traditionally our tutors work with their students in libraries and other public locations.  When face-to-face tutoring came to a halt, we slowly were able to transition many of our tutor/student pairs to remote learning through skype, zoom, facetime, or over the phone.  Some of our tutors even took their instruction outside for the summer.  We created Tech in Hands in collaboration with Spectrum so that we can provide tablets with internet service to students so that they could continue to work with their tutor. 
We have been pleasantly surprised that we have had continued interest from potential digital and instructional volunteers.  We are offering our digital orientations and volunteer information sessions through zoom and our tutor trainings are now on zoom with LR and online through Literacy NY.  See our event calendar if you would like to explore what we are offering this month for volunteers and students
We have and continue to respond to challenges presented to us this year, we would not be able to offer the services we provide without our dedicated volunteers, our community partners, and our flexible and determined students. 
Thank you!
Jennifer Eaton
Instructional Director

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