St. Thomas’ at the digital frontier

featured-imageSt. Thomas’ Episcopal Church continues to lead Rochester into the digital frontier. With a $1,500 grant to LVR’s Digital Literacy program, St. Thomas’ once again shows it understands the link between poverty, literacy and technology.

Digital Literacy navigators work in six locations around the city and the county providing frontline support to people who are technology challenged. From learning computer tips, to completing online job or benefit applications, to writing resumes or participating in online tutorials, Digital Literacy navigators work to close the digital divide with our customers who have limited access to computers and the internet.

St. Thomas’ Investment is About Community

St. Thomas’ gives more than funds. Sara Dougherty, a St. Thomas’s parishioner, is a long-time navigator who has worked with the program at locations in Greece and Rochester. Another parishioner, Mort Nace, continues to be a dedicated Digital Literacy advocate. Thanks are also due to Connie and Peter Barker, and the entire congregation of St. Thomas’ for their continuing financial support.

Join St. Thomas’ by supporting Digital Literacy with a donation today!

Or, you can work alongside the amazing volunteers from St. Thomas’ by becoming a volunteer today!

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