Student Spotlight: Budhi Gurung

Budhi Gurung is a Bhutan native who lived in a refugee camp for 23 years. He came to Rochester four years ago.  

Despite never having touched a computer until moving to the United States, Budhi is able to work on digital literacy skills as well as English at Refugees Helping Refugees with the support of the Office of Adult and Career Education Services (OACES) and Literacy Rochester’s Digital Literacy program.

He says, “For me, digital literacy means being able to use a computer, search the web, email, and find ways to learn English. We’ve been working on email, I’ve never had an email account, and I was able to create one. Now I’m putting together English sentences to put in my email. One day I’ll send it to someone.”

Budhi is excited about learning technology and English. Being able to use a computer means he can keep up with world news as well as check up on friends and family, including his son who lives in New Hampshire.

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