Student Spotlight: Diana Pabon

Diana Pabone, originally from Florida is a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA). Although Diana loves her job, she is ready for something new.

Diana found out about OACES (Office of Adult and Career Education Services) through her own Internet search. After further research, she found out OACES had better opportunities and is more flexibility within the classroom.

Beginning in January 2020, Diana enrolled in the Culinary class at OACES. She began taking the Culinary class to grow her knowledge regarding food preparation, safety, and more. Jeff Wujcik is the Culinary teacher at OACES. His curriculum involves constant hands on work. Students get to prepare and make the food during class time. Diana explained that in class, it feels as if you are truly working. Students get real life experience that prepares them for working in this field.

Amid the pandemic, classes that entail hands on lessons have suffered. However, at OACES, when classes were not in person, they utilized ZOOM like the rest of the world. During ZOOM classes, the Culinary teacher would go over utensils and review various topics already learned in class. The new use of technology has drastically changed hands on classes. When students were unable to attend in person, teachers and students had to be innovative in their learning. Although things are different, Diana is able to get hands on experience in person at OACES since Fall 2020. After getting acclimated in the digital world, Diana feels more comfortable studying on her computer. When she wants to study after class, she easily can with her new and improved knowledge of technology. Culinary students still need hands on experience, but they can utilize their online digital resources as well.

Right now, Diana is a CNA at BOCES. Her end goal is to own a business in the food industry. Owning her own business will allow her to create a better future for herself and three children: one girl and two boys.

Diana’s advice to others that are new to the Rochester area is to, “look at options at community places, they can help with career support. Community places are great resources. There are also great resources at OACES, if you are looking for a training that will help you get a job. OACES is the place to go. They are so friendly and helpful; they make you feel family.”

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