Student Spotlight: Ian and Ryan

Ryan and Ian are brothers – two out of three triplets – who have recently completed every assessment offered through Northstar Digital Literacy.

While prepping for the assessments, some of the information was new to them – Ian, for instance, had never used Excel before and was introduced to the software. Ryan had limited knowledge before starting the Northstar lessons and he wanted to refresh his memory of computer and internet skills that he was familiar with. 

Both would learn more than they expected initially going in for the assessments and at completion, both learned valuable skills about using a computer and the internet effectively and safely. 

After taking initial assessments and with the help of Digital Literacy Volunteer Laurie, the brothers returned to the Northstar lessons to learn what they did not know. This included a better understanding of internet safety, what cookies meant in the technological world, and learning about software’s such as Word and Excel that could be helpful in future careers. Over the course of a few months, they passed more than a dozen assessments and worked hard to improve their digital literacy skills. 

The brothers are 2022 high school graduates, and the two plan to use these assessments to build their resumes and apply the skills to their future jobs. The knowledge they learned while taking the Northstar assessments will carry with them throughout their careers and opportunities they may come across.

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