Student Spotlight: Jacqueline Ficklin

In December of 2020, Digital Literacy of Literacy Rochester, provided a Dell Chromebook giveaway to students at The Office of Adult Career & Education Services (OACES). The winner of the Chromebook giveaway was Jacqueline Ficklin.

Jacqueline Ficklin is an adult student enrolled at OACES, where she is currently completing her High School Equivalency Diploma. It is something she has always wanted to do for herself. She wanted to prove to herself and her family that she could complete something in her life. Her future goals are to encourage others in her neighborhood to further their education and to possibly become a motivational speaker to help others overcome their addictions.

“If I can do it so can you”

She has endured significant hardships throughout her life. This last year was especially hard for her as she had to balance being a mother, a grandmother, finishing her education and being a caretaker to the man that she loved who was sick. Unfortunately, early last year he had passed away. She never gave up though. She continued to push through the pain and finish what she had started, for herself and her family. She wants to be a role model for her family and show them that they can accomplish anything they set your mind too.

Digital Literacy would like to congratulate her on her ability to be resilient and push through the hard times. We wish her the best on her education.

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