Adult Education needs your HELP!

Did you know that there is an estimated 3.4 million New York State residents that lack a High School Diploma or cannot speak English? These adults are functioning at below a 5th grade level, cutting them off from opportunities and services.

Of these 3.4 million, less than 10% are receiving help!

Last year NYS awarded $7.8 million in funding to help those 3.4 million people receive instruction at community-based organizations, like Literacy Rochester. About 7,800 adults were able to access help at these programs which computes to $1,000 per adult per year.

In comparison NYS provides an estimated $11,188 per student in K-12 public schools for an estimated 2.6 million kids.

In the current proposed budget that $7.8 million has been reduced to $6.3 million, which will reduce the number of students our programs are able to serve effectively. 

Please help by contacting your local NYS Legislature members and tell them they need to provide more funding for these 3.4 million people by increasing funding for Adult Literacy Education!

Monroe County Senators

STATE SENATOR Pamela Helming (SD-54)

STATE SENATOR Samra Brouk (SD-55)

STATE SENATOR Jeremy Cooney (SD-56)

STATE SENATOR Patrick Gallivan (SD-59)

STATE SENATOR Edward Rath (SD-61)

STATE SENATOR Robert Ortt (SD-62)

Monroe County Assembly Members

ASSEMBLY MEMBER Marjorie Byrnes (AD-133)

ASSEMBLY MEMBER Josh Jensen (AD-134)

ASSEMBLY MEMBER Jen Lunsford (AD-135)

ASSEMBLY MEMBER Sarah Clark (AD-136)

ASSEMBLY MEMBER Demond Meeks (AD-137)

ASSEMBLY MEMBER Harry Bronson (AD-138)

ASSEMBLY MEMBER Stephen Hawley (AD-139)


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