Student Spotlight: Luz Ville

Luz Ville is a 24-year-old who came to Rochester two and a half years ago from Colombia. Luz is attending OACES (Office of Adult and Career Education Services) for English classes. She heard about OACES from her sister who studied there ten years ago. Luz began classes this past November and is enjoying it greatly.

Before coming to school, Luz was very excited. She was ecstatic to improve her English and gain more confidence in herself. Luz’s favorite part about OACES is how the teachers and students work at their own pace.

Since beginning classes, Luz has seen a large improvement in her English. Her vocabulary has expanded, and her husband has noticed a substantial amount of progression in Luz’s English language abilities. Since going to school, Luz has learned to study more and have an open mind.

When asked “what does digital literacy mean to you”? Luz answered being familiar with technology. Luz is very grateful for her prior knowledge in technology resulting in her ability to be successful in school. Luz is more than dedicated to improving her English. She utilizes her digital literacy skills in order to review her work at home. Luz often continues her studying at home after school.

Luz feels most proud of being here at school and in the U.S. It was hard for her to leave home, so this is a huge accomplishment for her. Luz has big plans for the future. She wants to go to MCC for Phlebotomy and work in the hospital.

Luz’s advice for others: “Come to school, come to this good school! [OACES]. The teachers here are great, I am very thankful for them! Coming here is a very good opportunity”.

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