Student Spotlight: Mir Enayatullah Mosawi

Mir Enayatullah MosawiHaving been in Rochester, NY less than six months, Afghan native Mir Enayatullah Mosawi is relatively new to the area. However, the United States of America is no stranger to him.

After obtaining a bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering, Mosawi spent close to nine years supporting the U.S. Army in Afghanistan. He was able to immigrate to the United States through a Special Immigrant Visa because of his work with the Army and is now a student at OACES where he’s working on English “…in order to learn English like native speaker” and applying digital literacy skills.

When asked “What does digital literacy mean to you?” Mosawi noted:

As per my opinion, digital literacy (DL) is our knowledge, understanding and ability from technologies in order to get them used efficiently for our needs and improvement. The more we have knowledge of technologies the better… Basically, DL allow us to make communication, facilitate our daily tasks and be in touch with family, friends and loved ones around all over the world. It is my deeply understanding that with advanced DL we can bring a whole new look to our world and our lives.

He credits his computer and internet skills with allowing him to look for employment, apply for a job, and feel comfortable completing on-the-job tasks. “As I have good computer knowledge with computer I’ll be able to do my OACES assignments, update my resume the way that employers accept it and do research regarding employment environment, United States culture and job hunting.” he says.

At our World Refugee Day Celebration on June 20, Mosawi was interviewed by WXXI where he spoke about his experience including how local organizations and programs such as Digital Literacy are helping him reach his goals in the United States.

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