Student Spotlight: Nervens Versailles

OACES student Nervens Versailles

Nervens Versailles, a native of Haiti, says he has much more confidence these days. He’s been developing his English skills at the Office of Adult and Career Education Services (OACES) and is proud of his dedication as well as the progress he’s made. “Before OACES life is, was, average because…I knew English a little bit, but I didn’t have confidence,” he admits.

Life in the United States was more difficult not knowing English. Using public transportation and transactions to purchase items at the store were scary, but are now easily managed. “When I came to OACES that boost my confidence. OACES provide me so many opportunities. OACES is helping me to learn English, to meet other people, to know about cultures, to develop my skills.”

When reflecting on his experience, Nervens notes that he has good teachers who are passionate and truly care about their students. “It’s a friendly place,” he acknowledges.

In the past, Nervens volunteered his time to help others. He looks forward to making a career out of continuing to provide assistance. “I want to go to the college to continue my studies,” he says. “I want to learn social work because I like to work with people that are in different cultures. I have a brighter future because of OACES.”

Nervens is making strides toward achieving his goals and our volunteers are alongside to help. The Digital Literacy program assists students like Nervens with a variety of computer-related tasks such as obtaining information about going to school, completing an online form, or finding a bus route. Our goal is to ensure that adults in Monroe County, including OACES students, have the digital skills they need to become fully engaged in their community.  

Digital Literacy, a program of Literacy Rochester, helps adults become fully engaged in their community as citizens, parents, consumers, and workers. The Digital Literacy program is provided free of charge on a one-to-one, drop-in basis in partnership with OACES at a variety of locations in and around Rochester.

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