Volunteer Spotlight: Lue Huang

Lue joined the Digital Literacy team in December of 2017. Lue has always wanted to give back and help others. Like many people, Lue has seen an increased focus on negativity in the world today and it has made him want to do something good for his own community.

A volunteer opportunity with Digital Literacy seemed like the right fit for him as he is quite competent in the field of computers.  Lue is a Software Test Engineer at MVP Healthcare. He sees firsthand the benefits of computers for everyone and how access and understanding can increase quality of life.

Volunteering can be challenging to fit in to a busy life but at Digital Literacy we try to fit our volunteers’ schedules, not the other way around.  Lue has found that the DL program and its partners offer a friendly work environment, flexible scheduling, the opportunity to meet new people, and best of all make a difference in someone else’s life. Lue’s advice for anyone considering volunteering:

 “Even if you are busy, make time to help someone else. The feeling is amazing”

Lue is not a Rochester native, he moved here at 10 years old.  He was born in Child but raised in Upstate NY. Lue credits his mother with his giving nature.  She has been his primary source of inspiration by leading with a kind-heart and always lending a helping hand to others. This is something she has definitely passed unto Lue.

When he is not working hard or volunteering his time, Lue enjoys playing poker, not just playing but competing!  Every year he looks forward to spending almost a month in Las Vegas, for the World Series of Poker Tournament. He has ranked in dozens of tournaments over the years and has earned some pretty impressive cash with his Texas Hold ‘em skills. He is still holding out for his first Circuit ring or World Series of Poker bracelet.

During the quarantine, Lue has been taking time to find a better routine for himself. “Hopefully, you leave quarantine better than when you started it.” He is changing up his habits and trying to create new healthier ones by getting up every morning at 5 am and going for a run followed by a hearty breakfast to prepare for the day. Lue has many accomplishments to be proud of, but he is looking forward to yet another. Lue is just months away from being a first-time dad! Being a father will be a whole new adventure, nothing like Texas Hold’em.

Join us in congratulating Lue on his growing family!

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