Volunteer Spotlight: Peg Warrick


I am Peg Warrick.  I volunteer in the office at Literacy Rochester, when the weather is just okay.  (When the weather is great I’m kayaking, hiking, or skiing with friends and family.)

In general, I average one or two days a week helping wherever I am needed.  It may be helping someone put together a presentation, working on Brain Game or providing some computer support in the office.  Currently I’m working on a changeover of our IT support.

In the past I tutored a few students, was on the board for a term, trained new tutors and, for 18 of the 19 Brain Game events, have been on the game committee.  We create the questions and update the rules and flow of the evening.  It is always fun and we’re always ready for a break after game night.

While the majority of our volunteers are Tutors or Digital Literacy Navigators, there are other opportunities for people who want to help in ways that work for them.

No matter what the role, the absolute best part of volunteering at Literacy Rochester is hearing all the wonderful success stories.  An old colleague recently came up to me completely enthusiastic about the help her daughter is getting.  She couldn’t say enough good things about her daughter’s tutor and the great progress they are making.  She struggled in school and is determined to try again to learn to read well enough to enter a new training program.  She is now confident she will make it into a high school equivalency program in the near future!  Add that to the stories I keep hearing in the office, many of which you’ve seen on our website, Facebook page, or in emails, and it’s hard to not love this place and want to help more.

However, as I write this it is both snowing and sunny so I must get outside with my husband Ray and my retriever Cassie.

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