Volunteer Spotlight: Susan

Susan is a Monroe County Digital Literacy Volunteer at the Maplewood Library, starting this year (2023). Her backstory inspired her to help others by volunteering and returning to college.


For many years, Susan has been working various jobs that were not satisfying her career path. She wanted to end one chapter and start a new journey in her life. Susan returned to college to strive for a better living wage and work doing something she loves. Helping others tops her list.


Susan is a human service major at Monroe Community College (MCC). She appreciates all

the different ways MCC and being a volunteer for Digital Literacy Rochester have helped her achieve her career goals. Susan met many unique and wonderful people volunteering and being an MCC student.


“I get great satisfaction from successful results when assisting others to better their lives,” Susan says.


Susan’s journey as a Digital Literacy volunteer started at the Maplewood Library, helping individuals to fax, make copies, email (send and receive), upload website documents, and guide college students through their homework questions. Susan’s volunteer experience with Digital Literacy of Literacy Rochester allowed her to assist others through a program called Community Resource Collaborative (CRC), where she stressed the importance of learning basic and intermediate computer skills.


“These volunteer experiences, especially with Digital Literacy Rochester, have been wonderful. They have made a positive impact on my heart and life. I enjoy immensely the hands-on assistance, which is why I chose social work for my next career,” Susan stressed.

Susan looks forward to broadening her horizons within the social work field, and she is forever grateful for the volunteer opportunities that catapult her further along the way.

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