Meet a Board Member….. Andre Hill

A native of New Jersey, I moved to Rochester after working in New York City for a few years.  Rochester has afforded my wife, Ann and I the quality of life we desired to raise our daughter Angelica and the opportunity to have a positive impact in the community which we live.  
I have served on numerous boards over my more than 30 years here in the Rochester area – The Catholic Family Center, Volunteers of America, The Nazareth Schools and The Rochester Ad Council.  Each of these experiences has been unique and rewarding.  They provided me with the opportunity to meet the people “who really are making a difference, each day, in the work that they do,” and to partner with them and serve them in carrying out their mission.
Coming from an extended family of educators, I look forward to my time on the board at Literacy of Rochester.  Helping to provide individuals with learning skills that will allow them to pursue their dreams, and bearing witness to the change it has in their lives is deeply humbling and inspiring.  I am excited to work with my fellow board members and the staff on furthering Literacy of Rochester’s mission.  
Ann and I live in the City of Rochester, with our toy poodle, James.  I serve as the Head of Marketing for The Bonadio Group.  Having previously served as the Chief Marketing Officer of First Niagara Bank.  Ann is a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine at Canfield Animal Hospital in Mendon.  We are a Fordham University family – Ann, Angelica, our daughter, and I all received our undergraduate degrees from this fine institution.  I received my Master’s of Business Administration from the University of Rochester, William E. Simon School. 
 After receiving her Master’s of Logic, from the University of Amsterdam in the Netherlands, Angelica is currently pursuing her PhD at the University of Massachusetts – Amherst.  When we are not shuttling back and forth between Rochester and Amherst, I enjoy oil painting, running and snowshoeing with Ann in the winter.

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