Student Spotlight: Kydell

Having digital skills is important for my future, as technology is always evolving."

Kydell is an 18-year-old intern at Community Resources Collaborative (CRC) who has recently completed Literacy Rochester’s Basic Computer Skills workshop. Due to Kydell’s completion of the workshop, he has received a new Chromebook and Certificates of Completion from both the NorthStar Program and Literacy Rochester.

A little background on Kydell. He is a recent graduate from Joseph C. Wilson High School. He heard about CRC from his older brother, who was already involved with the organization. “My brother is a role model and inspiration to me,” says Kydell. Once he was involved with CRC, he soon realized that Literacy Rochester’s Digital Literacy Program provides a Basic Computer Skills workshop on-site that would help him gain the digital skills he needs for his future.

He worked with Susan a Digital Literacy Volunteer who delivers the Basic Computer Skills workshop at CRC. She is also a certified proctor of the NorthStar assessments. Kydell stated that he was grateful to work with Susan due to her patience and pleasant demeanor. “Susan gave me the confidence and reassurance needed to be part of the NorthStar program,” stated Kydell. The NorthStar Program has taught Kydell many new digital terms, and he now feels more fluent with digital terminology.

Literacy Rochester’s Digital Literacy Program partners with CRC to provide a Basic Computer Skills Workshop to their interns. This workshop utilizes the NorthStar Digital Literacy Program. Northstar provides online lessons and assessments that learners can access independently. All lessons are learner-centered, interactive, and give learners multiple opportunities to build their digital literacy skills through practice tasks.

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