Volunteer Spotlight: Carol

“It's really true; I get more out of tutoring than I put in.”

Carol works with adult learners through Literacy Rochester tutoring in English and Mathematics. Her commitment to literacy spans over nine years, tutoring for Literacy Rochester in Rochester, NY, and in State College, PA. Both opportunities gave Carol the training she needed to get started, allowing herself and her learners to progress at their own pace and in their trajectories.

The sense of independence and absence of pressure within Literacy Rochester truly resonates with Carol. She engages learners in subjects of their interest, a dynamic that evolves from week to week. Whether involved in extended conversations or delving into articles, her sessions are often punctuated with laughter. This environment enables an organic process of cultural exchange.

Carol gets a glimpse into each learner’s background while they glean insights into her’s – all while thoroughly enjoying themselves. The learning process ensues effortlessly.

Although Carol predominantly operates independently, she readily accesses the resources available at Literacy Rochester whenever assistance is required. For her math students, she utilizes math workbooks, obviating the need to design a curriculum. Noteworthy is the invaluable resource News for You, which Carol consistently employs with her English as a New Language learners. Its seamless integration, even in remote settings with disjointed screens, underscores its effectiveness. The supportive team at Literacy Rochester consistently provides aid, be it information on resources or teaching techniques.

Carol enthusiastically shared that her learners are exceptional, and her experience with Literacy Rochester as an organization is truly remarkable. Volunteering for the agency is an endeavor she deeply cherishes.

“It’s really true; I get more out of tutoring than I put in.”  – Carol, Instructional Volunteer for Literacy Rochester

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