Student Spotlight: Wendy Huie

Wendy Huie, came to New York with her young daughter in 2018 to be closer to friends and family and to have more opportunities, prior to that Wendy called Montego Bay, Jamaica home.  She is a talented young woman and worked very hard in her hometown which is a major tourist spot on the island.  She made woven baskets, carved wooden faces, and even had a cleaning business but it was a lot of work and was barely enough to support her and her daughter.  Wendy wanted a chance to feel that she was making a difference and for her daughter to have better opportunities as well.

Wendy has been attending English as a Second Language (ESL) classes at OACES since January.  In mid-March, her schooling completely changed when in-person classes had to stop to support social distancing due to the pandemic.  Thankfully, OACES teachers, like Jeana, worked quickly to find other ways to support students and keep them engaged in continuing their learning. Wendy, like many OACES students, struggle to be online due to a lack of up-to-date technology at home.

     “I didn’t have a computer or even a proper phone to do online classes and the work that will help be to be on top of my game and successful.”

The Technology In Hands pilot program at LR was our way to doing more than just teaching but also helping to break physical barriers to learning, lack of internet and digitally capable technology.  Wendy was one of the 5 OACES students that were gifted a brand new Chromebook and accessories to keep her moving forward in her journey. 

     “It will help be a lot.  I try to go online and do English or download a book to reach a day and grow what I know to read better and this will help so much.”

Wendy has enjoyed her time at OACES and hopes to keep moving forward, she adores the teachers that she has had.  “Miss Shirley was my first teach and she was, WOW. Now Miss Jeana is helping me and she is so nice.”  Wendy wants to go on to the nursing course offered at OACES in is looking forward to a very bright future.

Wendy has her goals in mind and our hope is that her new computer is just one more tool to help her get there.  Good Luck, Wendy! 

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