Volunteer Spotlight: Lisa

Lisa has been a volunteer tutor since 2017, and has tutored three different students in that time.

“Reading is the key to a good life,” she says. After retiring from Bausch & Lomb and a short break, Lisa signed up for volunteer training. “I wanted to be a ‘LitVol’ for a long time.”

Lisa has developed a process for getting started with a new student. First, she says, is to understand their goals. Not every student is looking for the same thing. Determining their current skill level, helped by the assessments each student takes before being matched, allows her to start picking what material they use. There is a lot of trial and error.

“It’s a two-way relationship. I propose ways of learning and have to ask if they work.” Feedback is important, she says. “They will never hurt my feelings.”

Lisa admires each student’s will to keep going, even after challenges. She has developed a mantra for her current student, Joseph: It’s hard, but it’s worth it.

Lisa lives in Brockport. When not volunteering, she stays active, and has competed in the Rochester Triathalon.

Lisa standing in front of bookshelf

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